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Fixed Match

Fixed Matches


Fixed Matches (or Match Fixing) is a system that was born together with sport.

It is a method that allows you to know the result of the games even before they start.

Fixed Matches go against every principle of sport, but, where there are competitive competitions and where there is the possibility of making bets, the presence of Match Fixing is inevitable.

If you have ended up on our site (surefixedmatches.com) you are surely looking for sure fixed matches; which will give you the possibility to make very high profits with a low initial investment.

Stop looking you are in the right place!

You have finally found who can help you have fixed matches that make you a lot of money!

Our team has informants around the world who provide us with fixed matches every day, we have the best fixed matches with which you will be able to make a lot of money.

Sure Fixed Matches team is here to guide you, we will tell you which fixed matches to play, how much to play and how to best combine multiple matches so as to be able to have the best possible profit.


Fixed matches are an investment !!.

They are 100% safe matches, knowing the result even before the match starts gives you the opportunity to make different types of bets, in this way you will be able to have more profits even from a single match.

fixed matches


How subscribe to fixed matches ?

All you have to do is choose one of our offers:

–  Fixed Matches Today

–  Soccer Fixed Matches

–  Best Fixed Matches

  • Choose the most suitable offer for you, subscribe on it.
  • Once subscribed you just have to wait for us to send you the fixed matches.
  • Place the bet according to the instructions that have been given to you.
  • Relax waiting for the end of the game to be able to collect your winnings.


Thanks to our fixed matches, all you have to do is:

Betting and Withdrawing, day after day, month after month.

Thanks to our method you can stop working and devote all your time to fixed matches.

With the bet and win method you will finally be able to make the life of your dreams!


Stop working; buy the house of your dreams; drive the car you’ve always wanted and live the good life, all this will be yours thanks to our fixed matches !!!!

Subscribe now to our fixed matches and change your life, you can too !

We are at your disposal 24/7, you will never be left alone you will be guided step by step and you will be able to make the most of our fixed matches!


Do you want to change your life today?

Contact us now and subscribe to our fixed matches, don’t wait any longer!

Whatsapp: +39 350 591 0101

E-Mail:  [email protected]

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Fixed Matches Today


Fixed Matches Today it’s the only sure way to make money every day !

Are the soccer tips that we publish every day not enough for you because they have too low odds and are not fixed matches ? Then you are in the right place!

Welcome to surefixedmatches.com our team dealing with various types of fixed matches; among these we have the fixed matches today.

Fixed matches today are provided to us every day by our informators who by being in contact with clubs, referees and players are able to get the best fixed matches you can have.

Do you want to make money every day?

Do you want to get rich quickly without making too much effort?

Then all you have to do is subscribe to our fixed matches today!

Fixed matches today is one of our best-selling subscriptions; consists in providing our customers with 2 fixed matches every day.

The type of matches is:

OVER 2.5 / 3.5 and UNDER 2.5 / 3.5

The sure fixed matches team will provide you with 2 Over / Under matches every day to bet in a single ticket.

The odds range of fixed matches today is from 2.30 to 8.00.

fixed matches today



Fixed matches today

Are you interested in our daily subscription plan ?

Are you tired of losing every day, contact us and subscribe now.

Change your lifestyle now, start making money daily, write to us and change your life today !

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Buy Fixed Matches


In this article we explain how and with which payment methods to Buy Fixed Matches.

If you are interested in buy fixed matches and do not know which payment method to use, we explain it to you in this article.

The main payment methods accepted by the sure fixed matches team are:

  • Western Union
  • Ria
  • Skrill and Neteller
  • Perfect Money
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin and all cryptos.
  • Binance

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You want buy fixed matches trought anyone crypto ? By clicking on the below you can use MoonPay to do this.


MoonPay is a service that allows you to send crypto by paying with your prepaid, debit or credit card.

Just open the MoonPay page register on it, choose the vlaute you want to pay with choose the crypto you want to send and the amount.

Once you have done that contact us , ask us for our wallet address and once you receive it enter it on MoonPay.

After that you will have to register the card with which to pay , authorize the transaction and you are done !

Notify us that you have made the payment and after our confirmation you will receive your fixed matches.

These are some photos on how to use moonpay:

buy fixed matches buy fixed matches buy fixed matches buy fixed matches

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Whatsapp: +39 350 591 0101

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Soccer Fixed Matches


Soccer Fixed Matches is one of our best offers to make money with the minimum stake.

You tired of losing by 1 game or by a goal every Saturday ?

Are you looking for a way to make money every weekend without having to make big bets ?

Then you’re in the right place ! The sure fixed matches team has the right offer for you.

We are talking about soccer fixed matches ticket, one of our best offers in fact ticket is provided every Saturday by our team.

What is the soccer fixed matches ticket ?

Soccer fixed matches ticket is a 4 match package that the surefixedmatches.com team puts together for our customers every Saturday.

It is a ticket consisting of 4 fixed matches 100% safe with a total share ranging from 450 to 600.

Soccer fixed matches ticket is the ideal offer for those who want to lose money quickly and with a minimum investment; in fact, having such high odds even with a minimum bet; in this case with a bet of 10€ you have the of € 10; the possibility of making winnings ranging from € 4500 to € 6000 every Saturday.

So if you’re tired of looking for matches to play on Saturday your on the right place.

The sure fixed matches team will take care of everything! We will find the fixed matches thanks to our informants and combine them in a single ticket that we will then send you.

So all you have to do is contact us and improve your lifestyle thanks to our soccer fixed matches tickets. Subscribe now and improve your life today!

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soccer fixed matches




ODDS: 450.00 – 600.00




Whatsapp: +39 350 591 0101

E-Mail:  [email protected]



Ticket of 28.01.2023

Ticket of 28.01.2023
Crawley – Salford

Tip: Over 4.5  Odd: 8.00

Result: 3:2
Morecambe – Bristol Rovers

Tip: Over 5.5  Odd: 11.00

Result: 5:1
Swindon – Gillingham

Tip: Over 3.5  Odd: 4.50

Result: 3:3
Blyth – Buxton

Tip: Over 2.5  Odd: 1.50

Result: 3:0

Ticket of 21.01.2023

Ticket of 21.01.2023
Shrewsbury – Cambridge Utd

Tip: Over 5.5  Odd: 11.00

Result: 5:1
Plymouth – Cheltenham

Tip: Over 5.5  Odd: 9.00

Result: 4:2
Bromley – Aldershot

Tip: Over 3.5  Odd: 3.00

Result: 2:2
Maidstone – Wrexham

Tip: Over 3.5  Odd: 2.00

Result: 2:3

Ticket of 14.01.2023

Ticket of 14.01.2023
Reading – QPR

Tip: Over 3.5  Odd: 4.00

Result: 2:2
Bristol City – Birmingham

Tip: Over 4.5  Odd: 6.50

Result: 4:2
Cheltenham – Derby

Tip: Over 4.5  Odd: 5.50

Result: 2:3
Bari – Parma

Tip: Over 3.5  Odd: 4.00

Result: 4:0

Ticket of 07.01.2023

Ticket of 07.01.2023
Harrogate – Colchester

Tip: Over 3.5  Odd: 4.00

Result: 1:3
Tranmere – Sutton

Tip: Over 3.5  Odd: 5.00

Result: 2:2
Dorking – Oldham

Tip: Over 5.5  Odd: 8.00

Result: 1:5
Wealdstone – Eastleigh

Tip: Over 3.5  Odd: 3.00

Result: 3:1

Ticket of 02.01.2023

Ticket of 02.01.2023
Ashton Utd – Hyde

Tip: Over 5.5  Odd: 13.00

Result: 0:6
Sheffield Wed – Cambridge Utd

Tip: Over 4.5  Odd: 8.00

Result: 5:0
Birmingham – Middlesbrough

Tip: Over 2.5  Odd: 2.00

Result: 1:3
Al Ittihad – Enppi

Tip: Over 2.5  Odd: 2.50

Result: 1:2

Ticket of 26.12.2022 + Bet 365 proof:

soccer fixed matches

Ticket of 26.12.2022
Wealdstone – Maidenhead

Tip: Over 4.5  Odd: 7.00

Result: 3:2
Wrexham – Solihull Moors

Tip: Over 4.5  Odd: 6.00

Result: 5:0
Dijon – Laval

Tip: Over 3.5  Odd: 4.00

Result: 5:0
Venezia – Parma

Tip: Over 3.5  Odd: 3.00

Result: 2:2


–  Manipulated Fixed Matches Archive

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Best Fixed Matches


Best Fixed Matches the best offer dedicated to fixed matches. !

Are you ready to earn money every Saturday ?

Then you are in the right place, we present you best fixed matches.

This subscription is the most purchased by all our visitors because with a medium-high bet of 100€ it allows you to make high profits with 0 risk !!!

Yes you read it right the risk is 0, the payout is 100% guaranteed.

Best fixed matches is a single HT/FT fixed match with an odds ranging from 25.00 to 45.00.

Being only 1 match it should be played as a single.

So no other matches should be added to this type of bet in order to avoid unexpected defeats !!!!

This match is provided to us by some informants inside the clubs who after some arrangements manage to get some anticipations on how the match will be.

In this way the chances of defeat of our best fixed matches are 0.

In fact , knowing the course of the match before it starts guarantees you a sure win without any kind of risk.

What are you waiting for ? Why are you still wasting your time with simple predictions ?

Subscribe now to our best fixed matches and start earning money every Saturday !

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Best Fixed Matches




ODDS: 25.00 – 45.00




Whatsapp: +39 350 591 0101

E-Mail:  [email protected]



HT/FT of 28.01.2023

HT/FT of 28.01.2023
Wealdstone – Gateshead

Tip: 1/2  Odd: 40.00

Result: 1:0/1:2

HT/FT of 21.01.2023

HT/FT of 21.01.2023
Kasimpasa – Basaksehir

Tip: 1/2  Odd: 35.00

Result: 1:0/1:3

HT/FT of 14.01.2023

HT/FT of 14.01.2023
Luton – West Brom

Tip: 1/2  Odd: 30.00

Result: 2:1/2:3

HT/FT of 07.01.2023

HT/FT of 07.01.2023
Ceramica Cleopatra – Future FC

Tip: 1/2  Odd: 33.00

Result: 2:1/2:3

HT/FT of 02.01.2023

HT/FT of 02.01.2023
Stalybridge – Liversedge

Tip: 2/1  Odd: 30.00

Result: 0:1/4:2

HT/FT of 26.12.2022 + Bet 365 proof:

best fixed matches

HT/FT of 26.12.2022
Altrincham – Halifax

Tip: 2/1  Odd: 30.00

Result: 0:1/2:1


–  Ht Ft Fixed Matches Archive


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Free Fixed Matches


Free Fixed Matches ! We receive hundreds of such messages every day; many unserious visitors ask us for free fixed matches believing they can get them.

In this article we would like to explain to all visitors why we cannot provide free fixed matches and what happens if you ask us to give them to you.

Hello, we are the sure fixed matches team and in this article we will talk about free fixed matches.

Our team spends a lot of money to be able to get 100% sure fixed matches; we go as far as spending figures with 5 zeros !

Once we get them we resell them to our visitors to recoup the money invested, and bet on fixed matches to make a profit.

If we were to provide the fixed matches for free we would lose a lot of money, so we would have to advance money with the risk that the customer who received the free fixed matches would not pay us after the win.

This has happened several times in the past and that is why we have decided not to provide free fixed matches any more.

So; can you write to us on WhatsApp or by e-mail to ask about free fixed matches or to pay after the win?

YES, you can, but know that you will NEVER EVER RECEIVE FREE FIXED MATCHES!

The only thing that will happen is that you will be BLOCKED! And you will no longer be able to contact us.

Yes, that’s right! Anyone who dares to ask us for free fixed matches will be blocked ! Will no longer be able to contact us in the future.

These are some examples of visitors who have asked us for free fixed matches:

free fixed matches

lagos-bet.com | paris-bet.com | fixedmatches.best

If you don’t want to be blocked like them and you are interested in investing some money on our fixed matches you can contact us anytime.

We are available 24/7 and we will be ready to assist you both during the payment of the subscription you choose (Fixed Matches Today; Soccer Fixed Matches; Best Fixed Matches) and when you place your bet; you will be guided to make the best possible profit.

Please do not hesitate to contact us:

Whatsapp: +39 350 591 0101

E-Mail:  [email protected]

Free Tips


Free Tips, are very accurate predictions that our team makes every day.

We have a team that is dedicated to gathering information on a daily basis in order to reuase to come up with the best free tips to be published in this section.

Since they are just predictions they have nothing to do with our fixed matches.

These are matches to be played only as a pastime; they should not be considered as fixed matches in order to avoid losing money unnecessarily.

The free tips that are posted daily can be one, two or more.

Have single odds ranging from 1.25 up to a maximum of 4.00. We remind you once again that our free tips have nothing to do with fixed matches !

If you are interested in earning money with sure fixed matches we recommend you take a look at our main offers:

–  Fixed Matches Today

–  Soccer Fixed Matches

–  Best Fixed Matches

Have fun with our free tips! If you are interested in winning money every day we recommend you subscribe to our fixed matches !

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FREE TIPS FOR 31.01.2023

Weymouth – Hampton & Richmond

 Fixed Matches Fixed Matches Fixed Matches

Tips: Over 2.5  Odds: 1.70  Result: ?:?

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FREE TIPS FOR 30.01.2023

RWDM 47 U21 – Deinze U21

Tips: Over 3.5  Odds: 1.82  Result: 1:1

FREE TIPS FOR 29.01.2023

Bayer Leverkusen – Dortmund

Tips: Over 2.5  Odds: 1.52  Result: 0:2

FREE TIPS FOR 28.01.2023

Worthing – Dartford

Tips: Over 2.5  Odds: 1.73  Result: 3:0

FREE TIPS FOR 27.01.2023

St. Liege – Eupen

Tips: Over 2.5  Odds: 1.85  Result: 3:1